My Feud with Charter

SO THERE I WAS…standing alone and outnumbered, with nothing but my six-gun for company…just kidding, it’s not that type of feud.  But I really do have some beef with Charter communications.  When I first got down to school this semester, my roommates and I ordered charter digital cable, along with their high speed internet.  When we initially talked to them, they offered us a free 6 month upgrade package that included the HBO and Cinemax movie channels.  We were stoked!  So obviously, we accepted.  When next month’s bill came however, we were not.

Our bill went up about $25 because apparently our “free promotional period” was not so free.  We promptly called and talked to someone who told us that we needed to go to Charter’s website and sign up for something to get the free service.  We did just that.  But when the next month’s bill came in we were STILL GETTING CHARGED the extra $25…my roommate and I were on the war path.  We called them and after talking to 3 separate people we were assured that the two movie channels would be free from now on.

I haven’t gotten our next bill yet but my real question is, why was this false message displayed?  Were they purposely trying to lure me in so they could knowingly charge me?  I really hope not.  Someone’s boss had to tell someone to offer me this package, so why wouldn’t they know how to actually make it work?  Charter needs to step their customer communications up before my head explodes!


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5 Responses to My Feud with Charter

  1. ryanmarler says:

    We had that happen to us, too. We wanted cable and internet, but they hooked up a phone line without telling and then charged us. We were supposed to get the six month free upgrade, but it was never free. We canceled everything but the internet after the first month. We called to complain about our internet never working, and they just tried to sell us faster internet. It’s impossible to win with Charter.

  2. yxl81090 says:

    You are right. It is time for Charter to step back and see what they can do to better serve its customers. We have been having problems with the bills too. But I do appreciate the online chat service it provides, which saves me from talking to a robotic phone call.

  3. richilajrand89 says:

    I have heard my friends past experiences with Charter. I feel as if they are selling false advertisement because they are leading you on. This just gets me ready for when I get ready to move off of campuse in order to set up my cable and internet package. I feel like as far as Charter it is not easy to trust them, they need to do way better in order to ensure good customer service.

  4. scottspiegel says:

    I had the same experience as you did. Luckily we got the bill figured out and we are not being charged the extra money anymore. It seems as though making customers jump through hoops to get their “free” services could be a way for Charter (and other businesses) to bring in extra income. There are some people using Charter who, i’m sure, don’t even realize the extra money they are being charged per month. That just means more money goes to Charter.

  5. mwil89 says:

    Bait and switch. I don’t have charter but a lot of my friends do and I Have heard nothing but negative things. It sucks when a company resorts to making money by essentially scamming people with false advertising.

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