KC is getting an aquarium

I heard this rumor that Kansas City was getting an aquarium and was curious/excited to confirm it as true. A few years ago, the Jenks Aquarium was brought to the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, where I used to live. I always thought the entrance fee was a little high (over $10/adults), but they had some cool features, like a walk-through shark tank, and  times you could watch the feeding frenzy.  Actually, my high school held the prom at the Aquarium. It made me curious what the KC aquarium might have in mind.

The St. Louis Today website talks about construction for the KC Aquarium was supposed to begin in May 2011 and should be finished Spring 2012. Apparently there were plans to build a much larger aquarium, according the KC Business journal, but those plans were nixed for a more ‘kid friendly’ aquarium to go inside KC’s Crown Center,which already has many stores targeted to the younger audience, like the Crayola store and the train cafe, as well as the outdoor fountain.

There was an argument that KC easily could support 2 aquariums, but the decision was made to only install one, that will house anything from sea horses to sharks. I am very excited for another tourist attraction to come to Kansas City.

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5 Responses to KC is getting an aquarium

  1. mmq99030 says:

    Kansas City already has a ton of different things to offer, and this is just one more attraction to drive tourist traffic. Hopefully they will keep their website up to date with information about the aquarium!

  2. I hope they hurry up and build! I’ve always wanted to go to an aquarium.

  3. richilajrand89 says:

    Yes, it is true Kansas City is finally getting another attraction. I feel as if this is very exciting, and I cannnot wait until they finish the aquarium. As a kid growing up in the Kansas City area; I feel as if we have never offered anything this big to our tourist. I feel as if this will be so much fun and a nice sight to see. As soon as this attraction opens I will be attending the aquarium, it has been my dream to attend such a nice attraction like the up coming “baby sea world.”

  4. amber0125 says:

    I had no idea about this! I’m glad you have brought it to my attention. I’m kind of disappointed to hear that it is going to be smaller than originally planned, but being a child at heart I will definitely visit this “kid friendly” attraction. To avoid any stares I may have to borrow a friends child or younger sibling.

  5. scottspiegel says:

    I was unaware that KC is getting an aquarium. I think it will be great for the city. Its kinda a bummer that they are not going to build it as large as planned so they can make it “kid friendly”. I’d rather them put in an aquarium for adults that doesn’t have all the childish things.

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