“I Do PR”

One thing I love about our degree is how dynamic and evolving it is. It’s not a field you will ever fully know, master or understand. I find myself constantly learning more and more about public relations. When people ask, “What is public relations?” I always respond, “That’s a good question!”

I had a roommate ask me today, “So, do you enjoy advertising?” and I said, “NO!” She was confused because she thought advertising and PR were essentially the same thing. I tried to explain that advertising, marketing and PR were all three closely related, however very different things.

This leads me to my point: I’ve discovered a new pet peeve; it’s one that has kind of grown off of an original one. I’ve always gotten very annoyed when I can tell someone is talking about something they know nothing about. Magnifying that, though, I’ve discovered I hate, hate, HATE it when people throw out the term “PR” without any consciousness of what it truly is. I’ve been hearing lately, “go out and do PR,” or “I’ve been doing PR for us” and it’s driving me up a wall.

I just sit there and laugh because, that person certainly has NO idea what constitutes the field of public relations, nor do they know they don’t know. It’s MY major and I still don’t half of the time!

So pros and cons:

Pros: I enjoy what a diverse, broad, dynamic field it is. I love that it requires constant learning, adapting and improving

Cons: It’s really hard to quickly answer the “What is PR?” question, and people who pretend they “do PR” are obnoxious.

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5 Responses to “I Do PR”

  1. Gosh Jessica, you’re so angry…haha. I completely agree though, I don’t think I will ever come up with a quick definition of what we do as PR professionals. Sometimes when I get tired of answering the question I just roll my eyes and say as sarcastically as possible, “Yes, you’re exactly right, we just make it ‘look good’.”

  2. This happens to me all the time. So many people have asked me, “So what’s your major? Oh, PR, huh? What’s that?” and sometimes I struggle to give them an answer. But I like it that way. There is no one sentence answer to what PR is. I like my major being something that requires thought to understand.

  3. ryanmarler says:

    I sort of had a post like this a while back. When people ask me what is PR now, I just tell them it;s too hard to explain, and they will never understand what I’m talking about. But I do love how dynamic the degree is.

  4. amber0125 says:

    This same thing happens to me as well. Time after time people will ask me what I’m majoring in and when I tell them they kind of get a questioning look in their eye. I hope eventually I’ll be able to give a better answer than I do now, but for now I enjoy learning something new everyday about the profession I am pursuing.

  5. kkoots says:

    I have been meeting a lot of new people lately, and when asking what my major is, I tell them PR. They all just smile and nod their heads, but I know that they have no idea what it constitutes. So the question is, how do you make a shortened version of a PR definition? There are so many aspects of the field.

    Anyways, I think that it is interesting that nobody really seems to know what PR is and compare it to advertising or marketing.

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