Wedding Obsession

My sister is getting married next month and I have realized how much goes into planning a wedding and how much is needed to make it all come together. With all the wedding planning going on, I somehow caught the wedding bug and began to look at all things wedding online. The thing I noticed the most is that everyone seems to be wedding obsessed. Brides are seeking individualistic and unique products, decorations, venues, dresses, and more as they set out to create their “dream” wedding. There are thousands, most likely millions, of companies all vying for the attention of these brides. Because of that, they have to come up with ways to make themselves stand out. Whether it be through their website or some form of social media, they are figuring out the best way to get the attention and business they seek. Websites and blogs such as,,, and, are visually pleasing and usually provide more than one service. Other blogs provide ideas and advice that attract the attention of a wide variety of customers and users. This internet channel provides these companies and bloggers with enormous audiences that would otherwise be nearly impossible to reach. The advantages for this form of communication definitely outweigh the disadvantages. The websites and bloggers can target their audience and they provide a large breadth of choices for that audience. It’ll be interesting to see how this wedding market will continue to change and maybe make it even easier to plan a wedding by the time I possibly decided to get married.

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4 Responses to Wedding Obsession

  1. Could not agree more!! My brother is getting married in two weeks, and the amount of planning is crazy and a huge turn off. Also it’s crazy how it is like a chain reaction when one person gets married in a group of friends.

  2. I have helped a couple of friends in planning their weddings and it is always more stressful than they think it will be. One was convinced it would be a “simple” affair. At about 10 p.m. the night before while decorating the reception area, she changed her mind…So many twinkle lights!!!

  3. megromer says:

    Our consumeristic socity has definitely made a big business out of weddings. It is like this too for the baby industry. Everything seems overpriced…and I mean, do you really need things like wipe warmers and vintage hair pins. What used to be a more simple affair: wedding license, pastor, church has turned into a drawn out celebration. I think it’s fun, though, how many opportunities do we have to plan something this big and memorable?

  4. Welcome to my world! I’ve been obsessed with weddings…for a while. 🙂
    Originally, when I switched my major to PR, I intended on using it (and other classes for a semi-individualized major) to become a wedding coordinator.
    I also looked into these AWESOME, actual wedding planning schools in London, Bath and other beautiful ridiculous places.
    It really is amazing how much the wedding world has exploded to become an entirely unique realm of consumerism, advertising, fashion, decor, etc.
    Albeit they’re stressful, I THRIVE off of wedding atmospheres! 🙂

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