Integrated Marketing Communication

In my PR cases class, we were talking about Integrated Marketing Communications. IMC really looks close at audiences. The R.O.P.E method is used within IMC as well such as the research is dealing with investigating a client in order to see the reason for the program, and to target the publics or the stakeholders. While doing the client research the S.W.O.T method should be used, which are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. In order to increase the market share of the company’s product or services while being in a competitive situation. The problem has to be researched in order to sell the clients merchandise as well as the audience in order to know which publics to reach. The objectives deal with measuring the efforts of the organization’s program, or to modify the behaviors of the external or internal publics. Programming deals with the theme and messages, such as advertising the program to the media whether it is on the radio or television. The evaluation deals with tracking the objectives to see if the objectives were measured. A good case that we talked about in the classroom was the Fashionable Red Alert Warns Women of the Heart Truth. This campaign was geared towards women and let women know that heart disease is the #1 killer in today’s society. The research that was conducted was in the health industry such as cardiovascular knowledge, reading over 200 articles, and creating focus groups in certain cities. The objectives were to increase the awareness of heart disease, increase the awareness of the risk factors that lead to heart disease, and to encourage women to speak with their doctors. The approach which is planning dealt with targeting women who is between the ages of 40-60. The evaluation process dealt with letting women know that heart disease is the #1 killer and they should take this health problem into consideration and help increase the awareness of heart disease.


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My name is Richila Rand. I am currently a senior at the University of Central Missouri. I am double majoring in Public Relations and Corporate Communication. Also, I am a Ronald E. McNair scholar.
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