Missouri’s “Semi-Professional” Football Teams

Wow, right?  Both the Rams, and the Chiefs are not looking very good at all early in this season. Cassel, and let’s be honest, cannot really do much of anything for this offense.  I would argue he is one of the lower end quarter backs in the league.  Even though last place is no fun and seems like a familiar place they are heading they do have that number one draft pick to think positively about.  Maybe drafting a quarterback, Luck (caugh caugh), would be a good idea for them.  One thing is for sure, there needs to be change in Kansas City in order to see success.

The Rams are a little bit of a different animal I feel.  It is not as though they have no talent or anything because they do have good players.  Sam Bradford out of Oklahoma is a big and talented quarterback, he is just young and does get bruised up a little easier than some.  The Rams have been plagued with some key injuries like outstanding running back Steven Jackson suffered.  Things like this have been hurting St. Louis in the early going and starting to look as though a decently successful season may n0t be in the hand this year like predicted.

What both teams should maybe consider spending their effort on is who they will look to get next year to better, in the beginning at least, these mediocre starts.  The season is early however and I hope to be surprised by both of them when they turn their seasons around after this blog.  One of the fewer times I would not mind being wrong.  The Chiefs definitely need to get a lock on a QB and maybe start publicizing season tickets for next year.


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2 Responses to Missouri’s “Semi-Professional” Football Teams

  1. I agree it could get ugly real fast for both PR departments. You have fans complaining about high ticket prices that dont match the quality of the product on the field. Not to mention the challenge that is selling season tickets for the next year while the team on the field goes 2 and 14. No greater challenge then convincing a fanbase to spend thousands of dollars on a terrible product. Goodluck Chiefs and Rams PR guys.

  2. mwil89 says:

    Both just suck. Not even a fair weather fan, they just never do well. I feel like they should do some sort of publicity stunt or something to at least keep their current fans involved, if not they might lose them too. Next year they should just recruit better players, really that is what it comes down to. Rams aren’t as bad as the chiefs but still, i’d like to see someone go to the super bowl sometime….

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