Facebook & the Working World: Good or Bad?

When I first began using Facebook, it was for two reasons: 1) to share photos and 2) to keep in touch/talk with friends. I’ve been on Facebook for years now and over that time Facebook has changed and so have I. Not only that, but the corporate world has caught on. Facebook is used for marketing and advertisements all the time, as well as business pages that people can “like” and that can be used to get a message out. It is also used for what is termed “creeping” on possible employees.

There are different views on using Facebook to learn about a possible employee. Some think it’s a private page and shouldn’t be used against them. I have to admit, I felt this way at first. However, being a PR student, I have seen what it could do for me in a positive way. Facebook is a great way to brand yourself (provided your most recent photos aren’t of your last escapade on Pine St). You can describe yourself however you want in your “About Me” section, add interests and favorite music/books, “like” businesses’ pages, and even add where you work/have worked. You control what a possible future employer might see. In a sense, you can tailor it to the kind of employer you want to attract. It’s up to you to keep your page clean, positive, and professional. Maybe instead of hurting your chances, Facebook could actually help.

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2 Responses to Facebook & the Working World: Good or Bad?

  1. yxl81090 says:

    I agree! Not only Facebook, but other social media such as Twitter and Linkedin could be a great way to brand yourself to your future employers. People might just need a Facebook Privacy Setting 101 to learn how to control what they share on their page. I am really excited about the new Facebook Timeline feature, which we could use it to tell our own stories in a chronological order and also to edit our past activities.

  2. I think Facebook can help us out in a positive manner if we keep our page clean and private. Yes, employers can still find what they are looking for but we control what we put out on the web. When I was applying for internships I cleaned up my page a lot, and I am glad I did because my supervisor told me later in the summer that she looked at all our Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts. She said that was a big determining factor in the selection process.

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