Ethics and Walmart

Since we have been discussing ethics a lot recently, I figured I would bring up a big “controversy.” A few weeks ago in my Corporate Comm class, we had some pretty heated arguments regarding Walmart and their ethical practices.

There are some who look at Walmart as a bad company for many reasons. Some of these include lack of benefits, low pay, pushing “mom and pop” businesses out of business and several others.

To me, I honestly feel that there is nothing unethical that Walmart does. You cannot call a company unethical for being successful and having a large amount of power in the industry. Walmart started as a small business just like everything else. With success comes power. There is nothing wrong with beating out the competition.

Just wondering if you guys think that Walmart makes ethical decisions when it comes to business?

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One Response to Ethics and Walmart

  1. Due to WalMart’s size, there is bound to be controvery over their ethical standards. Personally, I have mixed feelings on the matter. In one sense, they give people much better values than what a mom and pop store could ever give the public. In this economy, price is nearly always key. On the other hand, they do some things that aren’t exactly wonderful. I’ve known people to not be treated right when it comes to hours and pay, as well as the company in general just acting like the “Big Man on Campus” everywhere. Granted, when your company is one of the top in the country, these things are bound to happen.

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