Dear Social Media, (A Letter to Whom it May Concern)

Dear Social Media,

As wonderful of a tool as you have been lately to everyone in the business world, why do you insist on changing your formatting every two seconds? It seems as though as soon as the public begins to fully understand all the functions of one version, you all go and upgrade your sites to a newer and “better” way of doing things. Please explain to me why this is.


To put it simply, we have been seeing some similar letters and notes online a lot recently, especially on Facebook. A lot of people are outraged at the changed the social media giant has chosen to make over the past week.

The reality of it is, websites like these are going to constantly have to change and update even if their publics dont initially like them. With the threat of other websites like Google+ sitting on the horizon, Facebook does not have a choice but to try to compete.

This is hardly any different from when a regular company decides to change their advertising or communication scheme in order to stay current. People will learn to accept the new path a company has chosen just as Facebook users will. If not, they will reject it and move on. Its called the circle of the business world and it is always moving.

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I'm a junior Public Relations student with a Marketing minor at the University of Central Missouri with a strong interest in blogging every week for class!
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2 Responses to Dear Social Media, (A Letter to Whom it May Concern)

  1. kkoots says:

    I have to laugh at people who leave these comments. I mean, didn’t everyone complain about Facebook changing last time? And now we want it to go back to that way? Funny.

    But users will still check Facebook just as often, and get used to it. Until it changes again and then we will complain and want it to go back to this new way.

    Change is constant, and we just have to get used to it.

  2. yxl81090 says:

    People need to understand that changing is the only way Facebook can be competitive to other social media and to stay relevant to its users. And if a little change to an online social media is stressing people out, maybe it is time for them to quit using it.

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