The Times They Are A-Changin’

To all the people who were upset and stressed out about the Facebook modifications last week, Facebook is not done yet!

With millions of negative feedback about the new Facebook news feed and the ticker, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced another big changes coming in the next couple weeks, including the new timeline that feature a chronological scrapbook to display users’ personal data.

Here are some of the new features that the Timeline offers:

  • You can see all the personal data, including wall post, photos, and videos that compiled as a chronological order.
  • You can add pictures, videos, and captions to the past days.
  • You can see how many friends you have made during a specific year.
  • You will have a cover photo on your page
  • You can see the messages you have written on your friends’ walls
  • You can access to the photos and links you have shared
  • You can edit all your past activities.

The new timeline sounds brilliant to me. It is a new feature for us to tell our own stories. People should try to play with it before passing judgment on everything.

Here are the various reactions to the Facebook changes I saw on my news feed:

  • “Dear Facebook, stop changing things every week!”
  • “I hate the new Facebook change. I don’t want to take the time to figure it out!”
  • “”Why try to fix what wasn’t broken?”
  • “ People change. Things change. If you don’t like it, don’t use it.”

Come on people, we are the generation that grew up with all the technologies. It won’t take long for you to figure it out. To think in a long-term way, it is vital for Facebook to keep things up-to-date and relevant to us before we get tired of using it.

If you want to try Timeline now, click here to check out David Daw’s how-to guide on activating Facebook Timeline.


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