Because every professional follows their code of ethics…

In all of our PR classes, they stress how important it is to have good ethics and to follow your employer’s code of ethics. There have also been many blogs on here about being ethical. But, I was thinking the other day after we were assigned our code of ethics assignment, how many PR professionals actually follow their code of ethics.

According to the salary table in our Intro to PR book, the average PR professional makes a comfortable living. Since most people are driven by money, there has got to be a large amount of people working the profession who have abandoned their code of ethics in order to make their company or client look good. After all, most people would do anything to make a buck.

What do you guys think? Do you believe that most PR professionals follow their code of ethics 100%? I find it really hard to believe.

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4 Responses to Because every professional follows their code of ethics…

  1. scottspiegel says:

    A lot of people are driven by money. Not always in a bad way either. If you have a job that puts food on the table and pays the bills, there are times when you will stray from your ethical beliefs in order to keep the job. I don’t think there is any professional who follows their code of ethics 100%

  2. mmq99030 says:

    In a perfect world, public relations professionals would all have a strong code of ethics that they abide to, but that is obviously not going to be the case. I wonder, however, how strong the connection is between bad ethical decisions and more money? Perhaps good ethical decisions can positively affect the bottom line at times.

  3. Realistically, the following of a code of ethics is not going to happen. The PRSA code is not a binding vow or contract we as PR Practicioners take when we graduate and go out into the working world. It is mearly a set of guidelines to try and keep up on the straight and narrow. Unfortunatly, “narrow” is the key word here and many people wills stray.

  4. I feel like following a code of ethics day by day, religiously, is nearly impossble. There will always be cases where an employee needs to bluff a situation in order to save themselves or a possbiel client. Having a code of ethics is essential to a company, yes. However, there will always be cases where people stray away and do their own thing.

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