More than an Audience

When writing for public relations, be it press releases, case studies or any other entity of the field, always remember your audience. I took a Marketing Profs writing boot camp this summer in conjunction with my internship. There were 16 segments to the course and in every one of them we were reminded:


You audience, however, is much more than customers. The audience is anyone and everyone involved directly and indirectly. This includes the company as a whole, its employees, their customers and the competition. Also, each situation warrants a different approach.

In the Case Studies segment of boot camp they broke it down even more. Opposed to the usual remember your audience, this presenter said to write for each entity your work effects. This includes:

End User – The people who feel the most direct “pain” in the study.

Gate Keeper – The people or person entrusted to find solutions.

Influencer – Whoever feeds the decision maker or gatekeeper ideas. This is everything from a co-worker to a spouse.

Decision Maker – The person who is tired of the problem and wants to quit hearing about it.

Check Writer – Has no personal association for the problem. In your writing, they are looking for justification and reason to pay attention.

All of these are just different ways to look at the audiences that we evaluate daily. It’s good to see them in a different perspective because it reminds us to keep trying new things.

What different ways have you looked at your audience?

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One Response to More than an Audience

  1. mmq99030 says:

    It can be a bit overwhelming at times to think about all the different things that should go into consideration when writing for public relations. Sometimes I feel like it is impossible to outreach effectively to every target audience out there! I suppose it is important to also consider which audience is the most important, and to ensure you are attending to their needs before the rest.

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