Social Media in the military

I have a lot of friends in the military.  My oldest friend (we literally hung out as babies) is in the marines along with his brother and are both overseas, two of my friends from high school (who are also coincidentally brothers) are both in the middle east, and both of my roommates are in the army.  The list is longer than that, but let’s move on.

Every time I’m on facebook I notice that one of their status’ will say something about what their unit is doing.  Sometimes it will go as far as saying what their unit will be doing the next day or the next week.  Is this okay?  I know that everyone is entitled to their own personal page, but should they be so open about future military operations?

I feel like them sharing information, although it is unintentional, about how their unit is being run is a safety hazard for the entire unit.  If anyone in the middle east knows how to hack a computer, they could potentially know where and when a platoon of soldiers will be at.  Maybe I’m going overboard with this, but I think about it all the time.

Should the military monitor and/or restrict soldier’s social media pages?  Should they be allowed to have them?

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4 Responses to Social Media in the military

  1. That’s an interesting question Ian…I’d like to think that in cases such as this the military/government is already keeping an eye on it. If not, I think it would be in their best interest to do some kind of workshop on social media with the soldiers. I mean, it may sound silly, but like you said, their use of it has the possibility of endangering the platoon.

  2. richilajrand89 says:

    This is interesting, this question makes me wonder what should actually occur. I would have to agree with Angela that cases that deal with the military/government are already being watched. If they were not being watched then they would be able to say more than what they normally say, or they have some type of meeting to let them know what is appropiate to post on any social media networking site. If they did not speak with them about what to say while having a page on twitter or facebook that is kind of their fault. I do agree with you though when you say that they are endangering the platoon, because anyone can hack their page.

  3. ryanmarler says:

    I’ve wondered this myself, actually. If you want, I could ask my uncle who is a Colonel in the Army what he thinks about it.

  4. scottspiegel says:

    Interesting post. Personally, I don’t have many connections to the military, so i’m unaware of the rules they have regarding social media. However, I think they have to have some sort of guidelines as to what material can be posted.
    In my personal opinion, if I were in the military I would not post anything regarding my whereabouts. I wouldn’t want to do anything that could jeopardize my platoon or a specific mission, as well as put my own life and others in danger.

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