The Wonders of YouTube

In an age of what seems like never ending technological advances there comes just as many ways to use those advances to benefit the uses of PR. One of the big points that Beleiber’s like to talk about is how he got his start from (his mother) posting videos on YouTube. And we’ve all seen what has happened to his career.

YouTube is a go-to site for people that want to find a certain clip or video of something and there are always tons of suggested videos to watch, most of which are related to the watched video, though some most definitely are not.

While I am not at all a Beleiber, I am huge fan of Jenna Marbles, a YouTube sensation. If you haven’t heard of her, here’s her top viewed video.

This video has over 24 million views. It also got her contacted by local media in Boston to talk to her about her channels. She just posted a video. YouTube is a great, free tool that can help along in publicizing a person or idea. This is a tool that could be utilized by someone that is trying to start out in a field to get their name out, or it could be a platform for a figurehead to give public announcements, such as apologies to the public or announce an upcoming change or product to produce buzz about it. The possibilities are endless.

Now I’ll leave you with one of my personal favorite Jenna Marbles Videos.

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One Response to The Wonders of YouTube

  1. Haha. I enjoyed the first half of the first video! Kind of tied into my last blog…kind of. Just less profanity. 😉 lol
    It is true, though, what a wonder youtube is. I remember when it first came out I was very skeptical of it (for whatever reason) and thought I’d never conform. Boy was I wrong. It is, and has been since its creation, THE source for videos and even music. I consistently use youtube for multiple things, although I’ve yet to create an account and post things myself.

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