The Dark Side of the American Invents Act

On September 8 President Obama signed the America Invents Act. What the public is told is this act was put in place to try to speed up the patent process on new inventions. This act is supposed to speed up the patent process going from a year or more to just a few months. Due to America’s deficit Obama says he put this act in place to get all the good ideas that are out there and patent them with hopes to bring in more income for the U.S. as a whole. That sounds like a great act to put in place to most people but unfortunately there is a huge part being left out and is not being told to the public. Until September 8, 2011 America was a “first to invent” country which was on a file to file system, unfortunately that sort of system did not favor the government enough. With this new system it will not improve but severely damage our patent system. Steven Borsand, writer of The Hills Congress Blog writes “this will not improve our patent system; rather, it is business as usual in Congress, favoring big banks and other special interests. Contrary to claims of supporters, this bill will stifle innovation; kill jobs, and further backlog the patent office.” A good example of what this means in a nutshell is major corporations such as pharmaceuticals that have strong ties in the government can patent new drugs for diseases, charge as much as they please, and no other companies for a one year minimum can make a copy of that drug. This means there can be no generic or “cheap brands” of these new pharmaceuticals coming out meaning each time a new drug comes out there will be a minimum one year monopoly of inflated sales on that product. Where does that money of inflated sales go? The answer, right back to the government’s pockets and pharmaceutical companies CEO making the rich richer and the poor even more poor. It’s kind of funny the things the government tries to get away with these days thinking not a single person will catch on. For more information on this act visit

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