PR is a Tough Job

I ran across an article talking about the reasons public relations is a tough career. While the reasons weren’t really developed much, I think they came up with a pretty good list. There are some that I agree with more than others. Here is the list taken from “PR Daily.”

10. Demanding clients. They always want more results.

9. Demanding bosses. See above.

8. Meetings, conference calls, meetings, conference calls. Every day is filled with these. How can work ever get done?

7. Time management difficulties. No matter how many clients you may have, the work has to get done.

6. Getting the raise you want is no easy feat. The economy aside, it’s tough enough showcasing the value in the results we achieve for clients, so how do we go about doing it for ourselves during yearly reviews?

5. New tools keep appearing. There is a constant need to stay on top of the newest resources that are available and a need to be prepared to offer counsel on them.

4. Nothing is harder than securing a top-tier media interview. Even when we send well-timed, appropriate pitches, reporters are still annoyed by all of the emails and calls they receive.

3. Nothing is harder than securing an interview, regardless of outlet. There are fewer media outlets and reporters than ever before.

2. You’re always on-call. There’s no traditional work schedule. Check any PR pro’s email inbox and you’ll be sure to find conversations happening at the most random of times.

And the number one reason why being a PR pro is one of the toughest jobs you could have …

To borrow a line from Rodney Dangerfield: Hey, we get no respect.
 Whether it’s battling for more budget from clients or defending ourselves against the actions of unethical agencies and PR pros, we always have an uphill battle against others.


One point that I agree with strongly is the the fact that PR gets no respect. Most companies allocate a majority of funds to marketing and advertising rather than public relations. It seems the only time people care about PR is when a company is in a crisis and are in need of saving their image.

The other on the list that caught my eye is “New Tools Appearing.” Technology is advancing every day. New services and platforms come out several times a year. PR practitioners have to learn to utilize new technologies to stay ahead of the game.


What are some challenges of PR that you can think of that arent listed?

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2 Responses to PR is a Tough Job

  1. mwil89 says:

    This just makes me depressed. I think one thing that also could be up there is “Personal Life” it really suffers when you also have to be watching the things you do as to not hurt your clients image as well. Also the fact that PR can happen at any time and it really isn’t just restricted to 9 to 5 which means it could interrupt whatever it is you are doing.

  2. hannahkrhoad says:

    Looking at this is one reason you would maybe want to consider a different job, but the one good thing about pr is that there will always be some kind of challenge for you.

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