Lockout aftermath

For those of you who have been paying attention to the first two weeks of this NFL season, you have recognized the huge amount of injuries to players. This has to be directly correlated to the amount of time off for players from organized team activities, and training camp.

A great example of a team greatly effected by this is the Kansas City Chiefs. Coming into week two, the Chiefs were already without one of their best offensive weapons, tight end Tony Moeaki, and maybe their greatest player overall, safety Eric Berry. It would be tough for a team to move on and be successful without these two players, but after Sunday’s game, losing their pro bowl running back Jamaal Charles, it may be time to start looking towards the 2012 season.

Without sounding like the typical football fan, it is only week two, and their ARE fourteen games left to play. But the Chiefs seem to have more holes in their team than injuries, but that’s another story. The lockout has left teams crossing their fingers each week, with hopes of making it through four quarters with no injuries. Already, their have been more players out for the year in the first two games, than any season before, and it directly ties with poor conditioning, and lack of time to train. In conclusion, the players are left in pain, while the fans are left in pain watching.


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