Importance of Ethics

Looking at and discussing some of the issues involved with ethics in public relations has led me to think about why certain issues are so important and what they mean to me personally. The main issues to pay attention to that we discussed in class are as follows:

  • Transparency
  • Privacy
  • Disclosure
  • Truthfulness
  • Credit

With the issue of transparency, it is important to let people know what is going on, but to remain true to whom you actually are. To misrepresent yourself, you run the risk of being accused of “shilling,” which, in my opinion, goes against the public’s right to not be duped. The issue of privacy is also important to keep in mind. If you were someone who had entrusted your private information to another person, you would not want them to share it with the world. When dealing with clients, you should think about that and hopefully
it will keep you ethically sound. Disclosure is an issue that can involve privacy matters, but it can also cause problems when someone has inside information about competitors. It seems to me that this is very important when considering possible conflicts of interest a PR practitioner might encounter if they’re working for multiple clients. Truthfulness is the issues that I think plays into every other issue. If you do not feel you can be truthful, then it will be very hard to deal with any of the other issues mentioned before. It can also decide whether you will be honest when giving credit or if you will plagiarize and steal someone’s work. Giving the proper credit where it is due
is very important if you expect anyone to ever trust you. If all of these
issues are handled correctly, a PR practitioner can feel that they are working hard to preserve ethical issues that may arise in their daily work.

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