Ethics Schmethics


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2 Responses to Ethics Schmethics

  1. John Peterson says:

    I feel like the most common occurrence of fake accounts comes from the Apple’s App Store. Apps will have a 4-star rating, yet everyone is giving it 1-star ratings saying that it claims to do something it doesn’t. In the tough job market it is hard to say no to an employer when they ask you to do something. Maybe it would be in your best interest to inform the company of the risks involved with spinning or lying to their public.

  2. I guess I am looking at this issue from another perspective. If you are searching for a product and go to the reviews and they are all fake, but positive (not that you would know they are fake), it will give you false opinions on that certain product. That could end pretty badly, with not being satisfied or having a horrible experience. You would then wonder how there are so many positive reviews. This may essentially hurt the company more if it’s false. However, I do agree with the fact that if you boss tosses you a job, it needs to be done the way he/she would like it to be. It’s definately a tough situation.

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