PR in Hollywood

It’s that time of year that Hollywood loves and I find rather amusing…awards season.  The video music awards, the emmy’s, the golden globes, the oscars, etc.  It’s not that I don’t like the process of the actual award ceremony, it’s the pre-show antics that always make me laugh.

I’ve noticed that more and more stars actually have their publicist with them on the red carpet.  They literally walk with them and make sure they talk to the right interviewers, take pictures for the right magazines, and are seen with the right celebrity “friends”.  The first time I noticed that a celebrity’s PR person was standing just to the side of them, I thought “really?”.  But after giving it a little more thought, it makes perfect sense that they would be there.

As everyone knows, celebrities are notorious for making fools of themselves.  And without their publicist acting as their stand-in parent, who knows what trouble they could get into when half the country is tuned in to the red carpet.  All it takes is a pushy reporter from the E! channel to piss off Russel Crowe and you’ll have a red carpet brawl!  To Hollywood PR agents, their celebrity is their investment and responsibility, so they have to be close by to monitor their interactions.


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2 Responses to PR in Hollywood

  1. rms33390 says:

    While I think it appears pretty silly that grown adults do need the supervision of their publicist, I think you are completely right. It is almost neccessary for some. It is amazing how all of the coaching and rehearsing in the world cannot affect the responses that come from some celebrities.

  2. kkoots says:

    Interesting. If I actually cared enough about celebrities to watch awards shows I would be interested to pay attention to this. But it all boils down to being proactive. It is easier for publicists to stop the bad publicity from happening than for being in a reactive state where they are doing damage control.

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