First Responders Rejected

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that the New York City first responders would not be invited to the 10th anniversary of 9/11. He stated that there would be security issues and simply not enough room for all of the first responders because of the presence of politicians and those families who lost loved ones in the terrorist attack.
The media, first responders, and the rest of the nation did not take this news well. Why should the extra security for the presence of President Obama and Bush take the place of those who risked their lives to save so many people? This announcement gave horrible publicity to the New York City mayor and other officials who were involved in this decision, especially after announcing just a few weeks before that cancer would no longer be included in the first responders’ health care package.
I feel like this response should have been anticipated by the government officials responsible for making this decision and it should have been taken into deeper consideration. Of course the key politicians will be invited, but they should definitely find a way to make room for the first responders and their families.
This decision was portrayed as an extremely disrespectful slam against the first responders when it was covered by the media. How would you have handled this situation if you were doing pr for the city?

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2 Responses to First Responders Rejected

  1. I completely agree with this evaluation. While the families who lost loved ones in the attacks deserve to be at the ceremony, so do the first responders who were the ones saving lives left and right on that dreadful day. Although I was only 10 years old on Sept. 11, some of the most brutal images I remember seeing were ones of those first responders pulling people from the rubble. Those men and women were the face of strength in New York during those days and they deserve much more than that treatment or even the loss of medical coverage for the jobs they risk their lives doing every day.

  2. amber0125 says:

    If I were doing PR for the city, I feel as though I would completely disagree with what was being decided. I understand the problems with having enough space and possible security issues, but if anything, I feel the first responders are the main people who deserve to be there at the 10th anniversary ceremony. They are the ones who played an integral part in the organizing and rescuing of possible survivors within the rubble of the World Trade Centers. It just doesn’t seem very fair and was obviously an unpopular decision among many New Yorkers and Americans.

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