Ethical Responsibility in Communication: Does it Exist?

The further I pursue my education, the more and more my classes seem to meld into one big picture. The past two weeks, I have covered ethics (also known as the acceptance of what is right and the rejection of what is wrong according to my Business Law textbook). Not only has it popped up in Business Law, but also Case Studies and Publicity. Seeing the term so often made me wonder if ethical decisions really or ever will exist in the industry we are all training to join.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of poor ethics are all those terrible weight loss pill commercials. They all have celebrity endorsers which does sometimes work for advertisements. My problem is the people actually doing them. Ronnie from “Jersey Shore” nor the Kardarishan sisters have ever been overweight enough to ever need the pills. Its false advertising. Not to mention the part where neither of the products are FDA approved. I know things can be unethical but not against the law, but selling something that could be potentially dangerous to the consumer is a problem. I sure hope the companies manufacturing these products have a strong legal and crisis PR team to pick up the mess they could possibly have.

So now I am asking you. What do you think? Is there any time of day where we don’t run into some kind of media that is unethical? What is the worst unethical thing you have seen? I’m curious to hear the results.


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I'm a junior Public Relations student with a Marketing minor at the University of Central Missouri with a strong interest in blogging every week for class!
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2 Responses to Ethical Responsibility in Communication: Does it Exist?

  1. mwil89 says:

    I feel like we overlook a lot of ethical issues because we just say to ourselves, “Well we all know this isn’t 100% true, nothing is.” There is a saying, believe nothing that you hear and half of what you read. Really interesting, but I suppose that is just how society is built.

  2. I feel like we overlook a lot of issues as well. Weight loss pills and supliments are one thing, but food advertisements can get you too. For example, Sonic commercials say they sell REAL ice cream. I can tell you that it is not 100% real ice cream. I don’t even know what it really is, sorry to burst anyones bubble on that (just trying to save you and your health).

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