Media no more?

With the constant use of social media, has the typical brand of media such as newspaper, ESPN, E!, TMZ, etc. become a dying breed? Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, various blogs, have now been made to be only a click away from being exposed to the entire world. Actors, athletes, artists, entertainers, are now the ones breaking news, and media outlets such as the ones listed above are looking to these social media outlets for their own research for stories.

Has the title of journalist been overused to now mean nothing more than someone typing away at their computer in their Mother’s basement? Anyone with a keyboard can now title themselves as journalists, and have close to, if not the same amount of credibility in terms of facts, than that of a journalists with a degree or field experience. Is media a dying breed? Maybe not, but its becoming more and more easy for Joe Random to break news to the world with the click of a mouse, than it is for the daily news anchor. The problem news stations are having now is that their news most likely is not going to be as shocking or surprising to the average person because of the various ways to obtain information.

Regardless of your opinion on the topic, it is known that the media industry has been hurting as of late because of technology. Newspapers are no longer needed because most have moved to more website driven news. It is faster, easier to get, cheaper, and with people having fast pace lives more and more in today’s society, more ideal.


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2 Responses to Media no more?

  1. dsl03110 says:

    Yes I do see media hurting, but dying? I don’t think so. Of course anyone can go online and write anything about someone. But its the readers responsibility to research the author and find their credibility. So if Joe Random is writing articles, yeah I may read to see what he has to say (just like any good PR practitioner should do, in case it’s about their client) but wouldn’t let it affect my opinion. Now if someone wrote the same article from like the New York Times, yes I would consider what they have to say and ponder on the topic, then react. I feel eventually people’s credibility will come in effect when people are looking for something to read.

  2. John Peterson says:

    I find it interesting how so many new outlets are looking for every day citizens to break the news. CNN’s iReports is a good example of citizen journalism following events like hurricanes or tornados.

    A more compelling version is the guy who live tweeted and broke the news on Seal Team Six’s raid of the Osama Bin Laden compound. He had no idea what was going on but was the first person to mention anything from his home in Abbottabad.

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