@TheRealTPlush Needs to Hush

Nyjer Morgan has really been making a name for himself over the years.  None of them, however, are in a positive light.  From his fighting to his trash talking he has certainly overshadowed his great ability and talent and made enemies with players and fans across the baseball world.  This past Wednesday’s action after striking out to Chris Carpenter in the Brewer’s game against the Cardinals only heightened his stupidity on the baseball field.  Throwing chew at someone and calling out one of the biggest baseball players in the game right now (Albert Pujols) are a couple things that don’t belong in the game of baseball and are definitely not smart.  The Cardinals did nothing but strike out a good player and he flew off the handle.  Baseball is a gentleman’s game and Mr. Morgan has certainly shown he is no gentleman.

His antics didn’t stop after being ejected, either.  After being tossed he went to the twitter
calling St. Louis cry babies, Pujols a girl, and other demeaning and dumb comments.  Being his agent or on the Brewers PR staff has to be a couple of the toughest jobs in the business.  He is always doing something that damages his image and then accelerates it.  He can’t really even run with the “bad boy” image like a Terrell Owens because fans do
not like him and the things he does are just plain dumb.  His actions don’t just affect him they also reflect on the team as well.  Fans can be deterred from your team and the team as a whole can start to get a negative reputation in the public eye.  Both of which are not something you would want to happen.  If he was a part of my organization I would trade him.  A good player is not worth the baggage he brings along and the negative publicity he grants the team.  There are plenty of good players the Brewers could replace him with.

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2 Responses to @TheRealTPlush Needs to Hush

  1. I agree, Mr. Morgan has been known to be a bit of a hothead. It’s unfortunate because they guy can really be a good player. His skills are often overshadowed by his firey temper and on and off the field actions. In some cases, he seems to be spinning out of control.

  2. mwil89 says:

    It’s weird that his agent/PR person doesn’t censor or get to approve the things he posts or says. I really probably won’t even use my twitter personally if I ever get famous enough to be followed by millions, why? Because it’s image suicide half the time because you are literally putting your personal thoughts out to millions but we all know we censor the things we say to people’s faces. #haveyourPRguyCheckYourselfBeforeYouWreckYourself

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