The Inescapable World of PR

After a long week, I decided I would try to spend a weekend somewhat unplugged. No matter how much I tried, it seemed as though something advertising or PR related slipped into my day. It all started on Friday. While finishing up my week, I was giving a tour to prospective students on campus. Much to my suprise, I ran into a ceremony commerating the victims of 9/11 in the quad. This event and the publicity that went into making it known both in the Warrensburg community and around campus is an example of PR.

On top of that, I run into PR every day at my job. When working with the Campus Visit Office, I am constantly making phone calls and sending out emails to those different prospective students. At the bottom of each email, we attach a signature with a QR code. This is proof that UCM is moving into the newest stages of PR every day.

Going on through the weekend, I logged on to Facebook briefly. All up and down my news feed, there were people “liking” different companies or agreeing to go to different events. Social media is the newest and one of the more common modes of PR. Every time I log onto a social media website I’m almost creating PR for myself. I can’t aviod it.

Finally, today as I have found another example of me being unable to escape the world of PR. I am currently writing a blog. Blogging is perhaps the original form of social media and I am taking part. All of these things accumulate to one thing. PR is all around us if you pay attention. The key is, will we as PR practicioners, be able to lure the attention of our publics in order to make our efforts pay off.


About kellynbaysinger

I'm a junior Public Relations student with a Marketing minor at the University of Central Missouri with a strong interest in blogging every week for class!
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2 Responses to The Inescapable World of PR

  1. I totally agree with you Kellyn. There is something relating to public relations everywhere you turn and especially on social media these days. Another sign that we are turning very digital these days is the QR Codes you mentioned. It seems on everything you see there one is. And I must say I do love them haha. It has been such a great tool for all products. Just scanning an item can send a customer or potential customer to your website or anywhere you desire them to go. You can even be reaching more than you think because if people are anything like me I’ll scan something just for fun haha and if I find where it sends me interesting well that’s a plus and the company reached someone who originally had no intention of being reached.

  2. Ahh!! I feel the same way. At the end of the week I just want to get away from school and all my homework and just not worry about any of it until Sunday (I know, it is horrible). However, anytime I log onto Facebook or check my Twitter, I follow so many different PR organizations and cannot help but to read up on some of the stories or blogs. The catch lines are just too hard to pass up. My roommates think I am a nerd sometimes because I will read up on all these tips for future PR people and I get all excited about changing my resume, or building a brand. I feel like in this industry you really have to be on your feet and desire the stress of all different types of media. If I am not stressed, I feel weird and unproductive, I don’t know what it is. It’s just the way some of us are programed, I suppose!

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