Sexting on Twitter

The sex industry has worked its way into many aspects of our lives, and Twitter is no exception. Myspace was notorious for having users that were “fake” because they were actually porn companies. Facebook did a better job of keeping these profiles out, and so other strategies have to be found.

With every company vibing for the publics attention, it came as no surprise to me when I started coming across Twitter accounts that were set up to represent porn websites or blogs. These accounts are genius, because they put entertainment right in front of people and easily accessible constantly, when before it was only sought after during certain times. Constantly uploading pictures for their followers to instantly view, I could only imagine what the Klout score is for some of these accounts! That would be an interesting comparison study.

I decided to do a small experiment of my own, because I had a simple theory and wanted to test it. I found and followed one of these sites. The result was just as I expected. I started to have more and more either contacting me or following me. Now, only a couple followed me, thankfully. I could only imagine how it would look if I had like 30 porn sites following me on Twitter. I feel like that would be a completely different blog post. The point is, that these types of sites are utilizing the same tools we tell other companies to. they are checking with who is following who and staying active. It is all about knowing how to market your product, and like I said at the beginning; “The sex industry has worked its way into many aspects of our lives, and Twitter is no exception.”

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One Response to Sexting on Twitter

  1. I feel the same way, it’s everywhere good and bad. But the sex industry is definitely in every aspect of our lives.

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