Outback Steakhouse serves alcohol to a 4-year-old


We all know that restaurant chain’s try their hardest to distinguish themselves from the rest of the competition. Apple Bee’s tells everyone to “Eat good in the neighborhood”, in an attempted to establish themselves as your friendly neighborhood grill. Rib Crib’s slogan “Where bold began” sort of implies that they are the original bbq restaurant. Outback Steakhouse on the other hand has seemed to take a different approach. If you have ever seen an Outback commercial, it’s normally some crocodile Hunter looking guy with Kangaroo’s jumping around.

“No Rules, Just Right,” is the longtime slogan that Outback has claimed. When I say no rules, apparently they are not messing around with this. According to a local news report from WCPO 9 news (an ABC affiliate), a family from Detroit entered a Ohio Outback Steakhouse where according to the report, a waitress offered the family that included a 4 year old child free drink samples of peach schnapps and vodka. Not a good look for Outback. Upon realizing the mistake Outback game the meals to the family on the house and the owner of the store even called to apologize. Outback also made a donation to the families church as. The waitress was of course fired.

I know when I was in highschool there were a few local restaurants and stores where we knew they served minors. It’s never a good look and word spreads around town fast and normally those places got fined and sometimes shut down. This brings a whole new meaning to serving minors, and Outback had a fun time cleaning up this PR mess.

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One Response to Outback Steakhouse serves alcohol to a 4-year-old

  1. richilajrand89 says:

    This article is so sad, I cannot believed that this happened. I know the family was highly upset, they should have trained the waitress better to know what drinks had what in them. If I was there that would have made me wonder what was in my regular drink. This situation makes the company look so bad, when they realized that it was a mistake it was then too late. Before she evened served the free drinks to her tables that she was waiting if she did not know what the drinks has in them all she had to do was ask. Therefore, look at her consequences she got fired and she caused the company to clean up the mess that she has created.

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