My Social Media Pet Peeves

Have you ever had friends asking you to call them sometimes while they have never given you their phone numbers? Then when you see them later on, they blame you for not calling them. Sounds familiar? Those irresponsible finger pointing annoyed me at times.

The same irritation reminds me of the social media icons that companies use to publicize on their print ads, asking people to “find them on Facebook” or to “follow them on Twitter.”

The target audience cannot click on the magazine icon and be directed to the company’s social media website. When people do not know how to find you on Facebook or Twitter, they are not going to spend hours to try looking for the company. Without putting in the URLs or call to action, the little social media icon means nothing but free advertising for Facebook or Twitter.

Communication is both ways.
Simply putting up a status asking everyone how was their weekend and not responding to any of the comments cannot keep your fellowship from unsubscribing you. We all know companies love using Facebook to do free ads or to ask people to re-tweet their marketing messages. And there is nothing wrong with it. The problem is they don’t interact with their followers and fans. The profile page has become nothing but an online billboard. How about the audiences? Oh it’s okay. It only took me 2 seconds to click on “unfollow” or “unlike.”


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3 Responses to My Social Media Pet Peeves

  1. John Peterson says:

    I completely agree with your “find us on facebook” dilemma. It is really annoying. It is just as infuriating trying to check in at a restaurant for a special or a contest and multiple “places” show up for the same location. I also like that you pointed out one of the main flaws in many companies social media, too much one way communication. When a company floods you with info you no longer care. One company that I think does a good job with making it interactive is GoPro. They do a daily contest and have people send them pictures daily using their products, among many other unique things.

  2. scottspiegel says:

    I always end up unfollowing most businesses I follow on Twitter. A lot of them just send out too much garbage and fail to interact with the people. On Facebook, I find it to be very annoying when a company uses “cookie cutter” posts. It seems like they just change a few words each time they post. Companies need to have good personality on their social media site to increase fan interaction.

  3. amber0125 says:

    I agree with everything that is being said here. I see tons of the “like us on facebook” icons and all I ever do is ignore them. It doesn’t seem like a very personal way to get an audience’s following and the more it is used the more generic it seems.

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