Middle School Leads the Way

Reading the KC Star last week, my attention was drawn to the article “Northwest Middle School: An Educational Rebirth in KCK.” Reading the article, it was easy for me to identify the message they were trying to send: “Educating our students is our priority.” As we have been practicing developing messages, I found that this article is agreat example.

Throughout the entire article they are talking about all the changes the school is doing for their students. Grants were received allowing iPads to be purchased and placed in every classroom. Also Northwest has added programs for mentoring, family, and before-and-after-school academic for the kids to be engaged in.

But I was in disbelief when I read “every teacher had to reapply for his or her position and 50 percent of the teaching staff was transferred before school began last year.” Only half of the schools staff returning made me question their thinking. Why would they do that? But as I read on, it became clear. The message they were trying to send was apparent. They want the best for their students and if some of the staff was incapable or didn’t agree with the mission, they were transferred.

With all these changes to the classroom,staff, and enrollment, what does this say about all the other educational institutes? Are they inadequate now? Should they endeavor on the same path? In my opinion, they should review themselves and see what they can be doing for the students. As of right now, our current education system is not working;it is outdated.

The education system should be effective; if it was, our average reading level would not be at a sixth grade level. With Northwest providing these changes and making the effort to have their students excel should make the rest of the state think about their own institute and find ways to improve. Maybe if every institute follows Northwest’s lead, our country could do a 180 degree turn in intelligence.


About Isaac Nicholson

This blog will be following the adventures and experiences of Isaac Nicholson. Isaac is a fictional character that is solely-based upon myself. I have chosen to keep my identity safe, as well as the individuals I interact with. With the secret identities of everyone secure, everything that I encounter could potentially be shared through a blog post. Basically opening my life for the world to read. Each blog will be based on the experiences, adventures and issues I feel like should be shared or discussed. They will range from a wide variety; such as life lessons I have learned, sexual experiences, etc. My life will basically become an open book for everyone to read and hopefully enjoy. You will not only get to know myself, but hopefully my closest friends and the craziness that we sometime do. Therefore, sit back and hopefully enjoy.
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2 Responses to Middle School Leads the Way

  1. Keri Cerda says:

    I grew up going to school in the KCMO School District, so this comes as less of a shock to me. (I was lucky to go to one of the best public schools, if not the best, KC had to offer.)
    All of the districts up there are in serious need of good PR. Last summer KCMOSD closed almost half of their schools, mainly because there weren’t enough students to justify having that many. The majority had all moved out of district so that they could attend the better schools. It’s good to see that there are schools that actually care about the students *and* letting them know that they care.
    I know that in my time in the larger urban districts it was the opinion of many that the majority of students were only going to “get through” the school system. It was designed to let students through even if they were not achieving what it is that they should be. No one really cared if they actually learned anything. This school is showing their community that they really do value education, something that I think has been lacking in most public schools.

  2. ARCooperPR says:

    I think that it is great that a school is taking some initiative to make sure the product they are putting out is actually worth what it says on the paper. I think a lot of people do not realize that graduating students are just that for schools: products. A schools name should only be as good as the schools they put out, and thus should always take the initiative to make better products. This is definitely a controversial subject, and I think that most who argue it do not know the full story, even the writer of this post. Consider the next two points.

    First, the government hinders our learning more than it helps a lot of times. Schools do not always want to put students through when they do not deserve/earn/learn enough to be passed. Policies our government have passed however, punish schools who have students failing. Therefore, they recieve more funding if they just pass them through the system as you mentioned. For a lot of these schools, trying to keep some of these students back and making sure they learn could mean having the school closed for everone.

    Second, I agree that overall our country might not be as smart as we want it to be. When compared though, we really are not behind like everyone percieves us to be. In a lot of countries, if the students are not learning as much as the others or just are not as “smart,” they get disgarded from the school systems. Many speculate on how terrible our school systems are because they refer to the comparisins of our students scores to other countries students. Most do not realize though, that those countries are only testing their “smart” or “elite” students, when we here in the United States test all of our students. This means the top students and the bottom students, directly compared with only the top students somewhere else. when looking through those glasses, obviously it would appear that our systems are failing.

    Now, am I saying that our systems do not need work? No. Just that all the information is not understood.

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