How Many SM Sites Should You Manage?

Thinking about what I wanted to blog about, I like to read throught the other posts to see where everyone else’s minds are. As I was reading one in particular, it made me realize how much time some people dedicate to their social media sites. Facebook and Twitter chew up hours and hours of peoples lives every week, or even days.

This made me think about how many social media sites one person could handle. For those who are constantly on their sites, I do not think they could handle any more than just one more site. Some of though, are not constantly on ours, so doing more sites can easily be done. I think it comes down to what kind of site you are running.

For me, I am pretty conservative on how much I upload on facebook, or how often I Tweet to my followers. I currently have a LinkedIn account, Epsilon portfolio, and a blog too. To add to the list, I also manage two commercial Facebook sites and a Twitter account. Plus this blog! I guess the real question is, for each person, or even the general PR practitioner, how many social media sites should you manage?

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