Gaga’s Meanings Vs. Interpretations



There is no doubt that anyone who knows music definitely knows Lady Gaga. She is a pioneer in her field and she deserves a lot of respect for everything she has done. This is one artist, that people who do not know her music, can still recognize. How is this so? Outrageous costumes, statements, song lyrics and overall image.

With that said, does the use of shock always work in her favor? Does it always get across what she wants it to? Her song “Edge of Glory” is one that has a lot of meaning to her. This song was written at the side of her dying grandfather as they sat at the piano. With that kind of significance, you expect a clear message over how she was feeling or what she wants her fans to take away from the song.

When the music video dropped though, there were many people trying to decipher the meaning and messages delivered in the video. Many claim that the scenes in the video were representative of her thoughts and feelings. That the road was her mind and the spacing of the buildings and steps were representative of something. The only thing I saw in the video was her parading around in a risqué outfit in front of red-lit windows and red illuminated streets. That made me think of one thing; Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Once the worlds sex capital, this district is famous for it’s red-lit windows containing prostitutes. Though this is no longer the sex capital, it just makes me wonder the real message that she was trying to deliver, and whether her, or her team, considered that interpretation.

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3 Responses to Gaga’s Meanings Vs. Interpretations

  1. I think most of Lady Gaga’s videos/songs are meant to make people think, I’m not sure they have a certain meaning, but that’s just my opinion. Sometimes I think most artists use this tactic, getting listeners and fans to expand there imaginations.

  2. Being blunt, I can’t stand Lady Gaga. While be outrageous can be a great way to grasp attention, I feel it should be done with taste. I’m not the most knowledgeable about different artists and their backgrounds, but I feel that messages that are important to an artist should be clearly communicated in their music. That’s not to say that metaphors, symbolism, personification or any of those jazzy literary devices shouldn’t be used to make listeners think, however the message should be worth interpreting. In her defense, her criticism could just be wild misunderstandings. His criticism. ?

  3. scottspiegel says:

    First off, since he is in this music video, I have to acknowledge the late-great Clarence Clemons (sax player for Bruce Springsteen).

    As for the musical aspect, I think that artists write songs with a certain meaning in their own mind. The beauty of music is that a single song can have so many different meanings to different people.There are some artists I listen to, where it is more than just entertainment. The music allows me to get away from everything that is going on in life. It lets me clear my mind and let everything go. Only Lady Gaga knows what the song means to herself. Meaning changes with the listener.
    I think she is very talented at what she does. She performs well. I’m no Lady Gaga fan, but I have respect for all she has done. She has grown and has become a very influential celebrity.

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