A Dodge Search Engine

While watching the Chiefs’ horrible display of football today, there wasn’t much keeping me awake and I found myself actually paying attention to the advertisements during the commercial breaks. One particular commercial that caught my attention was for the 2011 Dodge Journey. Initially my ears perked up because of the nice music playing and I recognized the voice of Michael C. Hall from the television show Dexter. As I continued to watch the commercial, it felt like any other normal automobile advertisement until the end when Michael C. Hall reveals that “If you can find one, you can have one.” I thought to myself, “Wow, what a creative way to get people’s attention.” It then made me think about all that we have been learning in class about message development and it was reassuring to see a good example of a simplistic, unexpected message that prompted consumers and audiences to take action. I myself was so intrigued that I took the time to get online and visit the website they advertised. Come to find out, Dodge has left three Journeys across America and they want people to get out and explore the world in the search to find their product. After looking around the website, I came to the conclusion that their messages have been developed soundly and effectively and that there are other organizations and companies out there that could learn a thing or two from the campaign that Dodge has created.

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One Response to A Dodge Search Engine

  1. John Peterson says:

    Round two starts this next weekend for the midwest! If it is within 300 miles of here I would have a field day. That is an awesome campaign! Dodge has really been hitting some good strides recently with their advertisements. This on the other hand is unexpected and exciting. They seem to be going after Subaru’s market or something like it. The live webcams and everything are genius. Really shows how influential social media has become. Anyone else want to go car chasing?

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