9/11 An American Coup

Since it is 9/11 I figured I would just stick to the trend and talk about it as well. Unfortunately, what I found most interesting about 9/11 was a documentary about everything that happened that day called “Loose Change: An American Coup.” This entire documentary had my attention from start to finish, bringing up very legitimate points on 9/11.

I hate to sound like the “crazy guy” running around saying it was a set up from the beginning by our government, but this documentary brings up so many points and flaws that a majority of American’s never even thought of looking into. A great example in the documentary is the “757 jumbo jet” that crashed into the Pentagon left a 90×20 ft hole in the front of the Pentagon but left no wreckage at all. Sure, this might not seem like much but a Boeing 757 is 155 ft long, 44 ft high, has a 124 ft wingspan, and weighs almost 100 tons and the government said it left almost no wreckage that is a little hard for me to believe. The engines that are on these planes are made of titanium which is virtually indestructable but somehow all of this 757 managed to disapear into a 90 ft wide hole that was only 20 ft high leaving an exit point that was 10×10 ft in diameter. I just find it amazing that no seats, bodies, luggage, engines or anything for that matter was found, funny thing about it is almost the exact same story can be said about the “757“ that crashed into Pennsylvania  that day too. We are suppose to blog about something interesting to us so maybe someone else will catch a glimpse of this, watch “Loose Change” as well, and maybe give me some of their thoughts on it.

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