Taking a second look at 9/11 messages

Every American remembers where they were 10 years ago, on September 11th.  There is no doubt that the Twin Towers going down initiated a crisis the likes of which the country had never seen, but there was more than just one crisis going on that day.  As soon as the 1st plane struck the building, people wanted answers.  Was it an accident?  A hijacking?

This meant everyone from the mayor of New York (Rudy Giuliani) to the President (George Bush) had to get information out to the public, and fast.  I think Mayor Giuliani handled this situation to the best of his abilities, and also better than anyone could have expected him to.  He was very upfront and honest with the public, telling them what he knew and what he did not. If he didn’t know something for sure, he told them straight up that he wasn’t sure.

Also, he put forth a comforting and confident public image for the people of New York.  He gave off the image that he was right there with every other New Yorker (and he was) and was trying to figure out the situation just as they were.  Giuliani remained confident and let the people know that he was taking care of the crisis.

Giuliani handled the crisis on 9/11 better than anyone could have expected, and for that, the people of New York have loved him ever since.


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6 Responses to Taking a second look at 9/11 messages

  1. I agree with you that this was handled very well and very quickly on both Giuliani and Bush’s part. Think about being thrown into that out of no where. Very impressed they were able to handle it the way they did and rally New York and ultimately the entire country.

  2. When I think about Giuliani I cant help but remember the many images of him walking through the streets of New York in a show of support for the city. Not only was it the right thing to do but it was a great PR move. He was able to capitalize from a great tragedy (which I know sounds a little harsh) and turn that into a legacy building for himself. He did make political gains from 9/11 there is not doubt but he also handled it the right way.

  3. scottspiegel says:

    Going off of what Kyle said – Giuliani was in work clothes and work boots walking around ground zero after the attacks. This was a great PR move for him. While everyone surrounding him was dressed in business attire, he was dressed down and helped with some cleanup efforts.

  4. mwil89 says:


  5. dsl03110 says:

    I admire Giuliani for his sense of strength during the crisis. He was down there in the “danger zone” doing whatever he can to help. Watching the documenturies on Sunday, I gained a better understanding of what was actually happening. At the time I was only 13 years old and didn’t completely understand what was happening or why. I was too busy doing kid things and not worryig about the news. All I knew was it was a tragedy and we were under attack. Now, 10 years later, I have a better understanding. And knowing what everyone did or went through makes me appreciate those that risk thier lives everyday.

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