NFL on 9/11

With more than 10 million people watching the NFL every Sunday, it’s a no-brainer for companies/organizations to invest in television air time. While today, 9.11.11, is no exception, the message companies are sending are different.

The commercials I have seen today haven’t been trying to sell products; they have been in remembrance of 9/11. With lines such as “never forgotten,” and “forever grateful,” these companies are keeping a positive public image by showing that they care about more than turning a profit.

One commercial that stood out to me today was a Budweiser ad. After seeing it I did some research and found some interesting information regarding it. The commercial was originally aired in 2002. Because it was only played once over the air, it is safe to say that Budweiser was sincere with their message and did not produce the ad for any sort of profitable reason. I think it is really cool that Budweiser used the same today that they used following the terrorist attacks. From what I know, the commercial has only been played on TV twice.

Playing these ads are great for the public image of these companies.

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5 Responses to NFL on 9/11

  1. John Peterson says:

    I saw that commercial during the Chiefs game today too. It is neat that they aren’t trying to turn a profit. At the end of it they even had a text to donate plug for donating to the WTC memorial fund.

  2. It is definitely a good idea for those companies to capitalize on people’s emotions, but is it ethical? This is one of the biggest tragedies to ever hit the country, so should people try to make money off of that? I’m not saying I agree one way or the other, I’m just saying!

  3. samljohnson says:

    I also saw this commercial today! I actually liked it and if they really aren’t doing it for profit then that’s even better. I agree that it’s a good way to maintain that “positive image.”

  4. I almost feel as though the Bud commercial may be the only one that had the original purpose of being sincere when it was made. You almost have to wonder if the other ads are based around the fact that if they don’t make some sort of tribute to 9/11 that they will be seen as unfeeling or rude. This in turn would end up making a loss in sales for them. I hate to play devils advocate on such issues but it is something to consider.

  5. kkoots says:

    Interesting, but why does it take the anniversary of 9/11 for us to send these messages. I know, timeliness, but why wouldn’t companies want to show their “support” all the time. It reminds me of the bandwagon…or to get us talking.

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