Backing up to a lecture from the week before last, we talked about credibility in relation to publicity. What makes an organization, person, or product credible? I think everyone could come up with a different answer, and maybe a different answer for each (organizations, people, or products).

For some things, I am a pretty tough critic. I have never been very opinionated in politics or government, I think mostly because this coming election will be the first time I can actually vote. When it comes to public figures in politics, it is hard to win my vote or approval. It seems like these days it’s a competition to see who can appear the most credible. (Or maybe who can make the most promises.) But let’s not go there…

As far as organizations go, I admire many non-profits and organizations that are dedicated to doing good. Ex: Red Cross. I don’t think I will ever second-guess an organization like that. The topic/organization my group picked is The Ali Kemp Educational Foundation, which is dedicated to teaching self-defense skills to young women and educating them. This is another example of an organization that earns my trust fairly easily.

Lastly, I want to talk about products. For me, when it comes to products, credibility comes from personal testimonies or ratings. I rely on the opinions of friends and family the most, but a five-star rating from hundreds of strangers says a lot as well. Not to mention ratings by doctors or other professionals (when relevant).


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One Response to Credibility

  1. mwil89 says:

    I guess certain things just seem legit while others we have been jaded by so often that it’s hard to take seriously. Credibility when it comes to products or organizations is the same as any other relationships, if we get hurt or are used by them we treat them like anyone else who would do that to us personally. Don’t burn your bridges!!

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