Comcast’s Idea of News

Comcast is the email that I use. It’s also my homepage when I open my web browser. Ever since I first started taking PR classes, we’ve always discussed having news worthy stories and what not. But over the last few years, I’ve wondered about Comcast’s idea of a news worthy story. Though today is 9/11, everything on their top news feed is about remembering 9/11, but most of the time, it’s about stuff that is not news worthy at all. Some of the stories that stick out the most are what kind of new dog the Obama’s got and what they named it, the royal wedding, and stupid stuff the Lady Gaga says.

Maybe I’m just the outcast who doesn’t find stuff like this news worthy. Or, does Comcast just have a target audience of idiots? When I think news worthy, I think of financial/economic, military, natural disasters, and the government (though I tend to ignore that).


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3 Responses to Comcast’s Idea of News

  1. Unfortunatly these days, “fluff pieces” are becoming more and more common in the news. I almost have to wonder if this is because people do not always want to face all the hard stuff the world is putting on our plates but instead focus on vanity. Journalists today are just looking to get by and not lose their jobs, so I suppose they will write whatever sells.

  2. kkoots says:

    In my opinion, it all comes back to generations. Who spends most of their time on the internet: people around our age. What types of shows do these people watch: reality television. How often do they read hard news: rarely. How many could tell you what any celebrity is doing at any time: almost all. It is unfortunate that all “we” care about are things that do not matter, and that require no thought or intelligence. I personally could care less how a celebrity is blowing millions of their dollars, or who is fighting with who now on Jersey Shore. Why don’t “we” take a look at things that might actually affect our lives. Oh wait, you actually have to think about hard news, nevermind.

  3. mat11160 says:

    Yeah I agree, these so called “news worthy fluff pieces” are becoming a little ridiculous. Granted, it is tough coming up with something news worthy on a daily basis, but come on, it’s like they aren’t even trying anymore.

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