While being in my Public Relations Cases class it has been real beneficial because it explains how someone would go through the PR process. The process is a four step solving solution that includes research, objectives, programming, and evaluation. This is real important to remember because in order to conduct the R.O.P.E method people have to understand how to stay up-to-date, be able to advise and consult, and know how the public reacts to the media. Also, the most important skill that people have to apply is the communication strategy. People should stay up-to-date with material or news that goes on in the public relations field. The R.O.P.E process is something that no one should ever forget because it is an important aspect in the public relations field.

One characteristic that i am going to analyze is research. Research deals with looking into the public relations procedure and there are three important parts in order to proceed with the research that is to be given to the client in the end of the result. the first important procedure is client research. Client research deals with knowing who is in need of help such as knowing the background information of the client or organization. One method that is important to remember  while conducting the research is called S.W.O.T. This stands for Strengths, Weakness, opportunities, and Threats. This acronym helps people find out information about the client. While trying to find out background information such as the financial status it is important to know when any public relations practices have been made previously. However, it is important to know when the opportunity or problem has occurred in order to have a certain program. The program may actually bring great opportunities to the client or organizations, which is the proactive programs. In order to do proactive programs, people who conduct the research should plan ahead and they are usually a long-range instead of a short-range. Also, the proactive programs are strategic nature; therefore, people have to maintain good relationships with the audience. The last step deals with audience research and targeting. audience research deals with looking into the public or trying to figure out the target audience which includes the media, internal employees, and members. The location of the organization is considered the home or community. Targeting deals with identifying who is the public, why the public is important, and how active is the public, and which publics is the public relations company speaking to. I feel as if research is important because if individuals do not do any research on a company or client, they will not know the proper way to help the individual or the organization.


About richilajrand89

My name is Richila Rand. I am currently a senior at the University of Central Missouri. I am double majoring in Public Relations and Corporate Communication. Also, I am a Ronald E. McNair scholar.
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  1. mmq99030 says:

    I think the ROPE method is absolutely essential to good PR. So many people seem to jump straight into the Programming aspect of things, without considering how important Research and Objective development are. How can you target an audience when you do not even know who they are?

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