Yes–I Googled

(My title was a quote from the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, in case someone didn’t make that connection. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a great romantic comedy–definitely qualifies as a chick-flick though).

Anyways, I could not for the life of me think of a good PR blog topic. So, what did I do? I typed in “Good PR blog topics” into Google. Lo and behold I found something somewhat interesting to blog about.

I read an article, Five ways to dazzle a potential employer, and found it eerie how similar its advice was to Dr. Horn’s advice about snatching that first, official “grown up” job as a PR practitioner. It is written by Francis Moran (phonetically, I’m assuming the “a” in Moran has a heavy sound (like the word “an”) rather than the light (like the word “ah”). I digress. He is the founder and managing partner of inmedia, a PR agency up in Canada. (I’ve created a link if you want to read up on what they’re about).

Although it’s a couple of years old, I found the content was still perfectly applicable to today.

Here are the five “dazzlers” that should help earn you that job that in turn will hopefully help pay off the student loans we’ve racked up someday in the future (all below is paraphrased with some of my own commentary):

  1. Know who I am–be personable with whomever in the company you’re speaking with (whether it’s a secretary or the CEO)
  2. Know what my company does–yes, here comes the “R” word–RESEARCH! Get a good grasp on understanding what the company is about before you even think about applying
  3. Draw clear, compelling connections between what you know and what we do–here’s the idea of the other “R” word (RELEVANCE) Harvey is always harping on us. If you make yourself irrelevant to the company and its functions, why would they hire you?
  4. Dazzle me with your writing–this one is my favorite. Horn always says, if you’re not a strong writer, you better become one. Word.
  5. Rise above the noise–do something that stands out. In the article, he gave an example of an applicant who mailed him a poster-sized resume in a tube (he got the job).
In a nutshell, these are all things we’ve heard before. It’s advice we just need to apply for ourselves when the time comes to walk into that first “real life” interview.
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2 Responses to Yes–I Googled

  1. yxl81090 says:

    Yes, I googled too!
    It’s sad, I know, but our generation grew up with search engines and learned our way to get information off from the Internet within seconds. I personally don’t think it is a bad thing to do some research online when I get completely stucked of where to start. Looking news and blogs online have inspired me for ideas for story and things that interest people at the moment.

  2. dsl03110 says:

    I thought the article is still relevant. People need to stand out and understand who they are applying for. If you are not standing out, then there is a small chance for you to receive a job offer. I personally am always thinking, how can i make my school work stand out from others in the class. That way I can place it in my portfolio and use it to grab the job of my dreams. Yeah there are times my work is just ordinary, thats due to time. I just lost track of time and had to complete the assignment. But I feel everyone should be doing just that…. STANDING OUT!

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