Smurf Turf

College football has returned. While watching the Boise State v. Georgia game, I realized that Boise State has been part of a “publicity stunt” for more than 20 years. When installing new turf, BSU’s Athletic Director decided rather than installing a normal green field, they would use blue turf instead. This is a great way for people to remember BSU. Once you see the field once, you wont forget it. 

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2 Responses to Smurf Turf

  1. John Peterson says:

    Not only was this a publicity stunt and a creation of a sticky message (or a memorable image), it was a huge advantage for the football team. Having the blue turf psychologically messes with opposing teams, and when Boise was wearing blue at home it was common for players to blend into the turf and make for confusion for the opposing team.

  2. ryanmarler says:

    That’s an awesome idea to use blue turf. I’ve noticed it before when my dad would watch college football, but I never really thought about the home team advantage until now.

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