Hurricane Irene Crisis Managment

*Dr. Charles Fair gave me the heads up on this situation last week and I could not wait to share what I found!*

Outer Beaches Realty in Hatteras Island, NC was hit by Hurricane Irene August 27, 2011. The damage to island was so severe that no one could access it. Some vacation homes (both rentals and substantially owned) were inaccessible, some permanently ruined and some significantly damaged. How did Outer Beaches Realty handle this catastrophe without the ability to be on site?

A splendid webpage campain should do the trick. And it did. The Outer Beaches website ( had daily updates as to the known damages and abandoned reservations of incoming guests.

Along with these updates, Outer Beaches gave a list of recommendations to other rental properties in the area that would be able to reschedule visits in the near future. Now THAT is a plan!

Being prepared in a crisis situation is key for public relations professionals. But it is more than having the plan. We have to keep up with the plan and follow through even during the difficult pages. The people updating this site were not only effected by the loose of reservations. They were effected by their own personal losses to the storm.

To stay on top of your clients priorities, their customers priorities and your own personal issues can be difficult. But not impossible. Keep your head up and push through!

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2 Responses to Hurricane Irene Crisis Managment

  1. Great idea! Good way to reassure people. Doing an online campaign (nowadays) is probably the most efficient route. Haha oh Dr. Fair. I see his ugly, Buckeye-decor car everyday in the faculty parking lot. 😉

  2. richilajrand89 says:

    This was a good article. The Crisis Management team did very well with responding to the public letting them know what was going on with the website. As a company they did keep their heads up and pushed through the storm. They even gave their competitors advice, which was so nice. WAY TO GO HURRICANE IRENE, you can take away houses, but to bad you can not bring anyone down!!!

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