How to “Get the Red Out”

If you were on campus this past Thursday, you couldn’t have missed it. First you knew that something wasn’t quite right, everyone and their dog (I’m not exaggerating) were wearing red. Somehow campus was alive from 4:00-6:30 p.m. and Holden was blocked off across the entire stretch of campus. People had war paint on their faces. What are the hooligans up to now some might ask?

Thursday night football! First game of the year following a season Mules fans can hang their hats on. I would say some excitement was in the air. This “street fair” that attracted over 5,000 people in 2010 is truly an underestimated event. Its potential is huge, depending on the direction the school wants to go with it. In class we just broke down the 6 key parts of sticky messages. “Get the Red Out” completed many of the requirements.

Simplicity – “Get the Red Out” is short and sweet and most people can figure out that you need to wear some sort of red clothing for the day. Even better is the fact that most students have a red shirt. Freshmen are given a red alumni in training shirt every year.

Unexpectedness – It isn’t everyday that Holden is closed down, in fact I think Homecoming is the only other time I have seen it happen. Let alone it is shut down for a street fair.

Concreteness – It is the first home football game every year. It isn’t confusing and when people the majority of other people wearing red, they join in. It is human nature.

Emotions – Enjoyable event for everyone, there were bounce houses for kids, taking pictures with Mo, free items given away, and even food.

Credibility – the University is the anchor of this town.

Stories – After everything else builds up this event is supposed to promote “one” cooperative community. The stories told will come from those who attend and are part of the community.

There is one thing that I have noted about this school since transferring here and it is pride. People are proud to go here and people who work here are proud to be connected to it. The community that has been created here lives and dies by the school. Remember after the loss to Northwest last year? The only other time I have ever seen a place that upset was when Mizzou announced Frank Haith as the new mens basketball coach. On Saturday Oct. 8, 2011 I look forward to wearing red, swelling with emotions, watching the mules dominate the bearcats, and loving this school because of the community that has been fostered here.


About John Peterson

Mass Comm Grad Student & Public Speaking GA at the University of Central Missouri. My passions include public relations, sports, travel, social media, technology, sustainability & dogs.
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6 Responses to How to “Get the Red Out”

  1. Keri Cerda says:

    I agree that the event was a success, bit I think that it could have used some more PR to get the word out *prior* to the event. I knew it had been coming, this is my fourth year here and I’ve seen then before. I saw it plastered all over my Facebook News Feed. I knew about it. But I also know more than one person that had no idea what was going on. My friend just transferred *back* here from SF and she asked me if I knew what was going on. I was shocked that she didn’t. I mean, how could she not? It been everywhere… or so I thought. There are many people that are not “fans” of UCM so they don’t know what going on. I think UCM should try to find a way to target all of the different students on campus so that they can get their message out even more, to a wider audience. I think it is almost unacceptable that a *student* at UCM didn’t even know what it is.

  2. Get the Red Out is a fantastic event here. I have to complement you, John, on making the connection between this extravagant event at UCM and tying it to class lessons. Bravo. 🙂

  3. richilajrand89 says:

    “Get The Red Out” is a great event that the UCM has every year. Honestly I look forward to this event every year it is fun. This year I had a friend that has transferred to UCM and it was great taking her to this event to tell her about how this occurs every year before school starts. UCM is a great school and I actually have pride in this school my pride is so heavy that I wouldn’t trade this school for the world. I actually think you do a good job relating the “Get The Red Out” event to the requirements of a sticky message. The number one message that sticks out the day of this event is actually wearing red because not only does the town as well as the University show pride we wear it LOUD AND PROUD!!!

  4. ryanmarler says:

    I’ve never been one who would get the red out, but it sounds like its a pretty good time. I’ve never been able to have school spirit, whether it’s high school or college.

  5. samljohnson says:

    I agree with your observation about the abundance of pride here. I too have noticed many people’s dedication to events like “Get The Red Out.” However, after our loss to MIssouri West yesterday, I am wondering how many people will be attending the next few games (September 24 and October 1). As a general statement, a lot of the student body are fair weather fans. Does anyone else remember last year when UNO was beating us and everyone started leaving and then we came back and won it in what was definitely THE BEST game of the season? Just a thought.

  6. yxl81090 says:

    “Get The Red Out” makes one of the best events I have ever been to at UCM. I just love the school spirit everyone had there. Very nice post, John! It’s timely and relevant to your audience!

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