The New Zou

A new era has begun in Columbia and Mizzou Tiger football.  Not only did one of the best
quarterbacks in school history and the nation graduate, but so did a style of offense.  Mizzou no longer runs the spread offense that was the key to success for the Tigers for the past few years.  With new quarterback, James Franklin, being more of a runner than passer the offensive scheme had to and has changed.  Everyone was interested to see how this would work out going into Saturday’s game against Miami of Ohio.  MU has received a lot of publicity going into the game as being a very good team with numerous helpful returners and the possibility of even being better than most think.  Did the Tiger’s live up to this bit of hype and prove they could change the offense back to the old Brad Smith days?  I would have to say absolutely not.  The passing game seems rather nonexistent and even the run wasn’t too impressive. Franklin threw for 129 yards and gained 72 on the ground.  This was not exactly what was expected out of Columbia.  My prediction is a very long season once Big 12 play starts.  Hopefully I am wrong, but Franklin and the Tigers definitely have some proving to do for fans and media because a 17-6 victory over a slightly better than mediocre program isn’t going to cut it.

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3 Responses to The New Zou

  1. Publicity for Mizzou Athletics’ is going to be rough this season. Between this year’s football team and then Frank Haith (who is rather unliked) for basketball, everything from post game press conferences to future seasons’ strategies to get new and better players is going to be difficult. I forsee a lot of revamping over the next several years

  2. Exactly what I was thinking Saturday. It may be that Pinkel was trying to break Franklin in for his first “real game.” However, throwing a pass ten yards out like it was a bowling ball, is not very promising.

  3. John Peterson says:

    Six Frustration points for Mizzou:
    1) Zero National Championships (despite having the highest total number of first round draft picks the last four or five years)
    2) Lack of consistent messaging from administration (led to the public mistrusting the university)
    3) Losing recruits to out of state programs (due to the circus going on in Columbia)
    4) Paige Sports Arena, Ricky Clemons, & Quinn Snyder
    5) Poor journalism scaring off Painter despite self proclaiming themselves the “#1 Journalism School in the World”
    6) Texas & Oklahoma in general

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