The Importance of Connectors

Since the beginning of this semester, I have been asked multiple times what I want to do after I graduate college. I just laugh and tell people I hope to get a job in this “terrible market”. However, all jokes aside, I really have no idea what I want to do, and it is my senior year! I love every aspect of PR (except for press conferences..HA!) and have no idea how to narrow down what specific field I want to go into, especially with a Spanish minor.

I recently borrowed a book from a friend called The Tipping Point, an analysis of how ideas, trends, and social behaviors “tip” and become an epidemic (read it!). It analyzes how changes happen so rapidly and unexpectedly.  Interestingly enough, one of the three factors is the stickiness of the message. Anyways, back to getting a job.

Author Malcolm Gladwell identifies a group of people called Connectors, ones that know many people and bring them all together. He gives an example, if you are to look at all of your friends and write out how you met each of them, more than likely there will be one person connecting you to many, the Connector. In a study that is featured in the book, it is concluded that 56% of the people in the study found a job through a personal connection.

More importantly, some connections are what Gladwell calls “weak ties,” people who are not your closest friends. Most of the people in the study got their jobs not through strong connections but weak ones. This is because they occupy a different world than you do. They know of new information that you may never know, such as job openings.

This is a very interesting fact to keep in mind. My dad has always told me:

“be nice to anyone you meet, you never know when they will be the one interviewing you for a job.”

Not only that, but connections know other connections, and could potentially give you a great job opportunity.

Now this information gets me nowhere closer to actually deciding what I want to do, however, it opened up thoughts about people I may know who can help me obtain a job. I also thought it was interesting to share!

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