Sports PR/ Happy Gilmore

This post is for all of us wanting to go in to sports PR. This weekend I was just sitting at my apartment watching one of Adam Sandler’s classics, Happy Gilmore.  You all should have seen this movie at some point in your life. Anyway, working in the sports industry sound like a blast! I’m sure there are a lot of fun and exciting things to do, but the hard part is when you have to deal with PR disasters like Happy Gilmore.  This clip shows what a nightmare Happy is to a publicist, but lucky for his PR girl he turns in to a huge sensation.

Of course this scene in the movie is hilarious, but it isn’t often that making a huge ass of yourself on national television is a good thing.  Virginia, his publicist, saw Happy’s problem and turned it into an opportunity.  I think that is a good lesson for a practitioner in any field of PR. We always see professional athletes in the media after they do something stupid and it is always cast in a negative light, making it even harder for publicists to fix the shattered public image.  Though it isn’t as easy when someone pulls a “Tiger Woods” it is always good to view every PR crisis as an opportunity.

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3 Responses to Sports PR/ Happy Gilmore

  1. kkoots says:

    I laughed when I read this because I was watching Happy Gilmore about a year ago and thought the same exact thing. I don’t know if you have ever looked into it but Kobe Bryant did the same thing after his crisis and took on the “bad boy” persona to meet his public image. I guess it seemed to work for him. But you are right, we must always look at everything as an opportunity.

  2. One of the best movies ever. But you bring up a good point in reality most athletes do have attitude problem. Although Happy Gilmore is a little bit extreme, it’s not unheard of to have a pre-madonna to deal with as a client. I think the lesson learned is, not all problems have to be fixed, but reorganized and strategized. Good post.

  3. scottspiegel says:

    Honestly, I think sports PR is mostly about pounding common sense into the athlete’s heads. The lifestyle most of them live has very little to no responsibility. It seems that most athletes get in trouble with situations that they shouldn’t even be in. Pay me to follow them around and tell them “Don’t shoot yourself in the leg with that gun.” It seems a lot of incidents with pro athletes can be easily solved. However, there are more serious situations (such as the Tiger Woods situation).

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