College Football at it’s finest

College football has officially started, the most exciting season in football, where one game can decide an entire season. But that’s not the only reason college football has been in the news. The continued breaking news on which college powerhouses are breaking NCAA rules is laughable, this surprises no one, and the NCAA shouldn’t be either.

A poor college kid taking something for free is not news. What IS news to me is the constant pressure being put on coaches and athletic directors to have an eye on their players at all times. It is impossible for a coach to know if a recruit is going to dinner for free, taking clothing and merchandise for free, all the way across the country. This is purely opinion, but if the NCAA wanted to, they could most likely find some infraction in EVERY college program. It’s not the player’s fault, nor the coaches and athletic department, it is the alumni and boosters whom the blame is solely put on. These wealthy individuals throw money, houses, cars, clothes, and food at young athletes as if they were fishing from a boat.

If the NCAA truly wanted to stop this, they know where it starts. But tracking every single player at every single moment is impossible. So trusting the adults who are the Universities unwritten representatives is what they have going for them, which is working great, right?


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