The Good, the Bad, and the Sticky

Ever since I became a PR major, I constantly catch myself assessing every advertisement or corporate message that I see. Sometimes I find myself at the end of a commercial saying, “Really?”. Then again sometimes I am blown away at how “sticky” a message is.

One example of a good message that I’ve seen is the Allstate Insurance slogan, “Are you in good hands?” I think it’s good because it makes you question your current insurance provider, while subtly telling you that Allstate WILL put you in good hands.

Some of the worst messages I’ve seen are the “magic” diet pill commercials. Hydroxycut, Rip-Fire, etc. Their commercials have lost all credibility because the average viewer knows how to spot a photoshopped picture. And apparently, these pills also make you ultra-tan, and whiten your teeth (or so the commercial shows it).

The stickiest messages are those that are short, sweet, and to the point. The shorter and more concrete your message, the more people will remember it. Some examples of this are Nike’s, “Just Do It.” and Bud Light’s, “Here We Go!”. Some messages (usually fast food restaurants) have a short jingle in the background. I believe this increases the stickiness as well, since I constantly here people humming these short tunes.


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4 Responses to The Good, the Bad, and the Sticky

  1. hannahkrhoad says:

    I agree, it seems you normally remember the short messages and not the long ones.

  2. mwil89 says:

    The girls always remember the long ones, not the short ones.

  3. yxl81090 says:

    I agree. I just get tuned out with those Hydroxycut commercials because they just don’t have much credibility. I am always skeptical about if they are hiding all the side effects along with those pills. And yes, the stickiest message are always the short ones! I only have so much attention span for commercials now.

  4. kkoots says:

    What!?! You totally do not believe that Ronnie got that cut using Hydroxycut (or whatever he represents :P)????

    Like nyancatopher mentions in his blog post, “A credible sticky message brought to you by Snooki”, I believe that it is not only the message that is important, but it is also the person delivering the message that helps messages stick.

    We must also keep in mind that we are not average consumers of media messages. I mean, we study them for a living! The usual person that is absorbing and believing these messages is nothing like us, doesn’t analyze what is being said and how “unreal” it is. That is why we must always know our audience and what and how they think.

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