Smokey Messages

This past weekend when I was sitting around the campfire I started thinking about how many different people a message may have to affect. Message development can be used for more than just advertisement but also with something as simple as a flyer at a campground. When looking at camp sites you have several people with different needs. For example, you have the people who sleep in a tent and others who sleep in campers. Some people will use the fire ring and others will not. These are things you must think about when creating a message for a campground safety flyer. Then you would need to think of the safety aspects campers would need to know. Some of the simple safety measures that could help prevent accidents could be the things people don’t think of. Let’s look at using camp fire. If you want to make a fire then it must be in the fire ring. If you start a fire you must have a bucket of water. You have to make sure the fire stays under control. All of these are simple but can you make just one message with all of them? Sure, look at one famous character that made fire safety his highest priority; Smokey the Bear did with his slogan, “Only YOU can prevent forest fires”. With this simple statement he enforces that you have to watch your fires while camping.


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A Public Relations Major at the University of Central Missouri with a passion for voluntering & traveling.
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One Response to Smokey Messages

  1. megromer says:

    This is very true. It’s kind of comparable to the drinking and driving commercials put out by the state or also the seat-belt safety commercials. You want everybody to wear their seat-belts, but people do so for different reasons: convenience, safety, style, etc. At the end of the day, though, you have to target them all because you want everyone who hears this message to respond to it.

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