PR is….

How many times have you ever been talking to someone about what your major is and they try to tell you you’re wrong? I encounter this quite a bit, and it can be irritating most of the time. Nonetheless, it can be interesting to hear people’s thought about what they think public relations entails.

My Friend’s aunt told me that with a PR degree, all I’ll ever be is a propaganda machine. When I started to tell her she was wrong, she told me she knows what she’s talking about because she worked in PR before. She’s worked as a waitress and bartender her whole life…. And doesn’t have a degree at all. Genius? I think so (sarcasm).

My dad always tells people who I’ll be the first one in the family to get a BS in BS. Though it’s funny to say (I’m guilty of saying it, too, because it’s funny), I’ve told him plenty of times that we do have ethics and that BSing can hurt your credibility. He’s acknowledged that PR is not all BS, but still insists on telling people to try to get a laugh.

Out of all the people I discuss PR with, my uncle is the only one who knows his stuff. Mainly because he has a PR guy who works for him.

I’m interested in hearing any stories you guys have about discussions you’ve had with people and their ideas of what PR is. I know you have some.


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One Response to PR is….

  1. My favorite thing is trying to explain what we do to someone who has no idea what PR is. I get asked a lot, “Well, what do you make? What do you actually do?” It’s hard to tell someone the process by which we change images, gain publicity, or make a PR campaign, in a 2 minute conversation!

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