A No Mess Message

Message stickiness.

That doesn’t automatically bring a pleasing image to mind. I invision a person attempting to flip through the pages of a newspaper only to find their fingers stuck to each page as the glue holding letters of words in place melts. No one wants to clean that up after breakfast.

Although that is my immedate reaction, I do understand how it is meant. The purpose of any message is that it may “stick” to the mind of the reader.

I have been trying to think of a different way to word “message stickiness” all week, but have only come up with a couple not terrible ideas.

1. Mind Glue – To portray the intended message of “stickiness”, but on a less messy level. This clearly states it is a internal kind of message intended to stick to your mind, not other places.

2. Auto Message Memory – A truly well stated message is automatically remembered. There is absolutely no mess in that type of description. The message is so simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, etc. that it is automatically saved in the minds of its audience.

I didn’t say they were wonderful, just that they were not terrible.

Both titles encompass the same information laid out under message¬†stickiness. Keep it simple. Surprise the audience with the unexpected. Give concrete messages from credible sources. Pull at the audience’s heart strings. Tell them a story.

How you reword message stickiness? Or would you?

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